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Liberalix“ Hof


Yes, they already exist:
Fitting to our beloved car. The LIBERO – Cryptocoins,
which Liberalix would like to make an utility for our engagement
- and beforehand bring them into the pockets of Liberofans.
To the Micro-BUS now a Micro-IC

Everybody is talking about Bitcoin and Blockchain. We also.
Liberalix“ move, to keep up with the times – or even to be one step ahead.

Now here it is – the LIBERO Coin!
(Waves-Blockchain, ID: 9FHfiGuqCB69dGr56RAwUYnyRfxE6gpdeT1MhmAPK5Eq)

The project - to save and rescue as many Subaru Libero as somehow possible.
We are in this for 14 years now. And looking for new ways to cope with the challenges,
as commonly being chronically underfinanced. How support by fans and interested people could be organised?
Yet an incentive to be added…

Nowadays, many beautiful things are realised and financed online. This is called ICO (Initial Coin Offer). You need a preferably high reputation team of nerds and consultants, a good idea for a project, a white paper, a great website, a lot of social media activity and advertising. The chance is then to collect many millions just like that.

Meanwhile this can be scaled down to one size smaller.
Similar, as the Libero is a Micro-Bus, we try it with a Micro-ICO.
Since our project is running for years now, website also.
Nerd – Liberalix. Chief consultant – Leon. And the rest of the team known from already six annual meetings.

So during summer spa stay, we have created the LIBERO Coin. This is a crypto token based on a blockchain, like Bitcoin.
To keep it nice and simple, for orientation value we provided 1€ = 1 LIBERO, so you can calculate by feeling.
But, as a real crypto-coin, it is tradable…

If this will be a success, we dream to convert this extensive hobby into a real full-size classic car renovation shop. More helping hands are urgently required.
Yet a much bigger dream: To develop and bring out a deserving successor (new Libero car)…

Further idea: When we hand over a Subaru Libero, we are going to add LIBERO Coins simply for free. To be saved to pay for repairs in the future. Or to trade at the exchange. Kind of a monetized warranty extra value creation. Now thinking about how many coins could be given away like that, not to make the exchange rate suffering. Yet it represents our hard repair work and consulting support, thus shall be stable.

But no time to write a very long paper now. Everybody with knowledge about the matter is cordially invited to make their mark in answering upcoming questions.

Yet more good ideas welcomed to fill the coins with function and life.
Besides, it is not allowed to promise dividends. These coins by law are utility tokens, not a security. Just like virtual chips for the car wash…

And last not least – how to get started?
Go to and download the Client. Or use the website
This Client contains all you need for now to manage your wallets, to store and handle your coins.
Now some Coins, $ or € have to be put in, there are several possible ways to do that.
Right next to this, there is the Waves Decentralized Exchange to trade them, and other tools. All this is working on the special Waves-Blockchain, which in detail has some definite advantages, compared to the Bitcoin-Blockchain. E.g. it is much more ecological, requiring far less energy consumption.
On the Exchange, to find our Coins, you have to enter/copy “LIBERO” or the ID
(“9FHfiGuqCB69dGr56RAwUYnyRfxE6gpdeT1MhmAPK5Eq“), click on it,
“LIBERO”-rates will show up. And you can trade them.

Greetings from Liberalix


Additional info for Non-Petrolheads

We are fanatic lovers of the most ingenious car ever made – the real core understanding of “SUV” as a Smart Utility Vehicle:
The Subaru E-Series E10/E12 LIBERO/Domingo, built between 1984 and 1999.
Also with smaller Kei-Car engine, also known as Sambar or Sumo, in France Subaru Vanille Bus.
A Micro-Van with an overall length of just 3.50m, 3-row passenger salon, 6-7 seated, convertible even to a bed, all-terrain frame and 4WD, economic and very silent rear-mounted engine. Feel of Life and Drive alike the legendary old Volkswagen Van of the sixties. There are even people who redesign the LIBERO with a custom VW-T1 makeup.

Additional ICO Info

The LIBERO coin represents real work & value.
Physical car repair and consulting help with your very beloved classic car.
Done with heart in Germany and for the rest of the world.
So the value of the coin will be stable.
Yet it represents our hard renovation work and consultation support, thus shall be.

Due to the special situation, Micro-ICO also means a more moderate approach to how an ICO is done. Commonly by now ICO means you make up a token and start site, web & social media to advertise it, inviting people to send in funds to you as a prepayment in presales and for a terminated release, fulfilled either by smart contract or given out by hand. This way is inevitable when there is no exchange at first where your coins are listed. The start on the exchanges is deferred, yet it is an extra effort and cost to have them listed there. With Wavesplatform, this is basically different. As your new tokens can be traded on the Waves Decentralized Exchange immediately once they have been created, there is no need to wait offering them there. It is even risky not to be in yourself there right from the start. If you have given away coins to the team and to friends in early stage, someone very likely may start selling them on the exchange, thus easily crashing the price, when you don’t keep an eye on it.

So of course you can join the ICO by sending funds to the addresses on and receive LIBERO Coins this way. But this is more work for us. And don“t forget to attach Info where to send them.

Bounty and Benefits

As already explained, the LIBERO Coin shall stand for personal appreciation of value in work and knowledge. So we are not planning to give high discounts in “presale” activities to hastily have distributed as many tokens as possible. We are also in doubt about  ICO countdowns and time deadlines to cause so called FOMO (“fear of missing out”). Not sure if we really need that. Maybe we sometimes could do a little bit in this direction.
On the other hand we welcome contribution of helping hands, and we will be generous to thank for that.

Sponsoring / Donations

Waveswallet + LIBERO Coins

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